What exactly are SSL certificates and how do they aid in?

In order to increase traffic and the sales of your site it is essential to ensure you are providing the security of authenticity and security. A SSL certificate for your server guarantees the authenticity and security of visitors to your website.

Have you ever wondered if you require the SSL server certification for your website?

SSL is a shorthand in the form of Secure Sockets Layer. Everybody knows that https: // is the first letter before the domain name of the website. However the meaning is more complicated than a straightforward name.

In simple phrases, SSL is the standard to implement a secure and secured link on your site. It ensures that visitors are able to trust your website since it secures the identity of the user and ensures security.

This is of paramount importance to the users, especially in the age of online communications, where scams and cyber threats are a serious and legitimate security concern for consumers.

Why and when is SSL crucial?

SSL is crucial when users on the site divulge any personal information about themselves. This could be limited to their privacy. This could include sharing personal information to prove their identity.

But, when people are sharing sensitive information, which could result in risky verification of identity SSL can be essential. A SSL certificate is required in a wide range of industries. The website of a wine retailer requires an SSL certificate the same way the bank’s site requires it. Even though they’re both distinct industries, the issue of security of identity could be viewed by the users of both websites as an important factor in deciding which service is offered by a company.

5 things you should know before obtaining an SSL certificate

  1. A SSL Certificate ensures trust and credibility

An SSL certificate signifies that the user can be confident that their personal information isn’t being accessed by state institutions, hackers, or even thieves. In addition, it provides the credibility of the site, but it also informs users that the website is in danger, by delivering warnings that can cause visitors to abandon the website or stop browsing. This dissuades visitors and can influence future customers.

  1. It is among the aspects that are suggested by the GDPR policy

From May 25th in 2018. The GDPR regulations was in force. It is focused on the safety of data exchanged via the Internet. The existence in an SSL certificate is not a guarantee of all the GDPR regulations, however, it is one of the most important aspects to ensure that you do not to be subjected to sanctions.

  1. The security of your site improves the visibility of your website

An SSL certificate is not just an effective security option, but it is also an intelligent marketing strategy since Google has stated that it could increase the chance of having a better position of the website.

Since the year 2017 Google has been showing an alert message within the Chrome browser on websites which are not secure by SSL (HTTPS). This has caused 70% of users to leave the site right away.

  1. Monitoring sites decreases vulnerability

It is true that the SSL certificate is crucial to ensure security, however it is not a substitute for the surveillance of your website by a group of experts. A specialized surveillance system can reduce the risk of security violations.

If you’re not able to effectively keep track of your website it’s best to consider an expert monitoring service.

To accomplish this, find a company that can offer you web hosting services.

  1. An SSL certificate cannot only be purchased, but also installed on the website

This is perhaps the most important thing you need to be aware of. A certificate you purchase from the hosting provider has no value if it’s not properly configured on the website. To accomplish this, you must seek out an online design company.


An SSL certificate will help you establish an enduring relationship with your customers . It also offers significant benefits, like making sure your information about payments is secure and boosting your ranking on Google search results and also ensuring that you are in compliance with GDPR’s guidelines.

If your website does not yet have a fully installed and properly configured SSL certificate, please get in touch with us to request a quote.